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This all started a few years ago. I wasn’t feeling great, I had arthritis and GERD issues on a daily basis. After years of suffering, I was introduced to Kangen® Alkaline Water from a new golf buddy of mine. This water featured a slightly higher than average pH plus the added benefits of Antioxidants! After a few weeks of drinking this Alkaline Antioxidant boosted water my GERD issues were subsiding. And after a few more weeks, my arthritis was completely eliminated! I was now living life pain-free, allowing me to do what I want, when I want! I went on to develop a similar alkaline water system at a more affordable price with no middle men, leaving the prices low so more people can benefit from this antioxidant boosted miracle water. My company, Aqua Ionizer Pro®, is now wildly successful and available to the masses.

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted an Australian Labradoodle named Abby that was a few years old and showing early signs of arthritis. She was having issues standing up and walking, so I knew I had to do something, and do it quick. I took Abby to the vet, who mentioned that antioxidants have been known to relieve inflammation, and offered us some antioxidant pills that she could take daily. Being the health conscience man I am, I knew there was a better option than synthetic antioxidant pills.

At this point I’ve been drinking my Antioxidant boosted water for a few years, living pain-free every day. Then it hit me! Duh! This water will work perfect for my dog, Abby! I started off mixing plain tap water with this antioxidant boosted water and gradually adding more and more antioxidant boosted water to her bowl.

Since then, Abby’s health has improved dramatically! She no longer has any issues standing up or walking! Her coat has even improved, it’s much shinier and healthier now that she drinks antioxidant boosted water.

I developed the Abby Bowl as a way to get my pet her much-needed antioxidants and I hope to share that with the world! Take care of your pets the best way possible. Help them live a happier, healthier life with the Abby Bowl Natural Antioxidant Boosted Water.

Richard Mayer, Pet Lover & CEO

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