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Are Your Pets Getting Natural Antioxidants? Molecular Hydrogen is a Natural Antioxidant produced by the Abby Bowl™ for your pet's daily drinking.

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Discover the Abby Advantage

BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - Antioxidants are well known to provide powerful wellness for humans, and the same is true for your pets.

REDUCES INFLAMMATION - Reduce Inflammation in your pets with natural antioxidants from Molecular Hydrogen produced in your pet’s drinking water by the Abby Bowl™.

INCREASES VITALITY - When your pet’s body is running in tip-top shape it will have lasting benefits including increased energy levels, less stress, and a healthier shiny coat.

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I 10/10 recommend this product! I love that it makes antioxidants for your pets that are natural. My Doberman, Tucker, gets really bad stress dandruff throughout the day and the Abby bowl has really helped improve the strength of his coat and health of his skin. We no longer have to use the topical solution that we were previously using to eliminate the issue.

- Joe

From Richard Mayer, CEO & Pet Lover

Our Story

This all started a few years ago. I wasn’t feeling great, I had arthritis and GERD issues on a daily basis. After years of suffering, I was introduced to Kangen® Alkaline Water from a new golf buddy of mine. This water featured a slightly higher than average pH plus the added benefits of Antioxidants! After a few...

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